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Sustainable cleaning solutions with Nilfisk

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Everyday across the world, you will find dedicated people who are committed to their work. Among all those people there are the people who clean. At Nilfisk, we share these peoples' commitment and dedication to make the world a cleaner place.

Since the creation of our first, groundbreaking vacuum cleaner more than 100 years ago, we have been a leading force of innovation in cleaning technology.

We have made it our mission to “enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life”. This is how we empower our customers as a trustworthy partner and why we can promise them that Nilfisk is clearing the way for making their everyday safer, cleaner and more productive.​

Our promise goes beyond supplying cleaning solutions; it is a promise to give our customers the freedom to focus on their business goals and ambitions. ​

When cleaning, using wrong material and methods, there is always a risk of damaging the surfaces you are cleaning. There is also a risk that the person cleaning gets repetitive strain injury. Using the right equipment extends the life of the surfaces we need to keep clean and it also eliminates the risk of long-term sick leave due to repetitive strain injury. Cleaning is also about reducing contamination. Using the right equipment in the right way also eliminates the risk of contamination.

Nilfisk understands that in the workplace clean is much more than appearance; clean is also about safety, which means it’s vital to operations.

Clean means:

  • Increased safety by reducing the risk of spread of particles such as dust, bacteria, etc.
  • Improved security by reducing the risk of accidents caused by, for instance, slippery floors.
  • Improved safety by minimizing the use of harsh chemicals.

Nilfisk provides more than just cleanliness. We provide the foundation for a safe workplace.

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